Why not lose your weight

Why not lose your weight, cause reason

Why not lose your weight

You exercise your weight in the gym throughout the day to lose weight. You have stopped even eating and drinking. But even if your weight is not falling, then you should focus on some things told by experts. If you do not use the process of reducing weight per day and with the right technique, then your hard work is worthless.

1 Tension falls heavy

If you have any kind of stress, then it can harm your weight loss program. When we are in stress, the cortisol hormone is released in our body, which reduces insulin resistance, which increases the fat in the body. So stay tension free.

2 Give attention to diet

If you are keeping distance from fried spicy things But if you do not even have breakfast and lunch in the name of dieting, and if you eat more food if you feel hungry, then your weight does not decrease, but it grows. So eat something like this 5 to 6 times a day. So that you also get strength and your weight does not grow too much.

3 Cardio exercise

Cardio exercises are recommended for weight loss. But you should not only exercise cardio exercises everyday. You should increase your workout intensity to 65-85% with your maximum heart rate.

4 Avoid Liquid Energy

If you drink tea, coffee or sweet juice, then it increases your body's calorie intake. For this reason, you should consume the least amount of substances. Instead, you can consume milk or fruit juices and vegetables juice.

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